August 14, 2018

About Us

The Martin Agri-Country Network was first founded in 1992 by Colleen Turecek Martin after the radio station she built and ran for over eight years was sold. The radio station was located in Deer Trail, Co and was formatted around the farmers and ranchers that dedicate their everyday lives to feed the world. When Colleen built the radio network she based her Network on that same theory. She provided farmers and ranchers with up to the minute ag news and markets that would be critical to their operation. That kind of programming has served as a platform for the Network for over 20 years and has attracted listeners to tune into the report on a day to day basis. With nearly 30 years of broadcasting experience, Colleen knew how to market and sell the Network to consumers and advertisers with a program they could trust.

Unfortunately, Colleen passed away due to cancer in July of 2011, therefore her legacy and Network was passed on for her family to run. Cody, her son, voices the daily broadcasts, while her daughter, Chelsea, keeps all the bases covered in the office. In addition to our local sales team The Martin Agri-Country Network is backed by a national advertising agency, which provides the Network with a sales team that cannot be beat! When you put all the things together the Network can provide to an advertiser or consumer there is no doubt why The Martin Agri-Country Network has been around longer than any other network in Colorado. Please take some time to browse our website, which will inform you when it comes to selling a product this Network has you covered. From radio, to print ads, and internet broadcasts you won’t find any other network in Colorado that can make your advertising dollars work for your business like we can.

If you have any interest in advertising or input on how to make the program better please visit our contact page or shoot us over an e-mail at .


From the team at The Martin Agri-Country Network.

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Cody Martin

Cody was born into farming, ranching and radio broadcasting.  His parents, who both grew up on a farm, started into radio in the late 60’s when 45 RPM records and reel to reel tapes were state of the art.

When Cody came along, his parents had 35 years of combined experience in radio, and a lifetime of agricultural experience.  Cody learned from around age 3, the daily workings of a farm-based radio station as he sat on his mom or dad’s lap while they read the news on the air.  Cody started putting his voice on the air in the 80’s while the farm crisis was in full swing.  When he wasn’t in the radio station with his parents, you could find him in the field, riding on his grandpa’s lap in the tractor or combine.

In 1990, The Martin Agri-Country Radio Network was founded and after Cody’s mother passed in 2011, Cody took over the network as owner/broadcaster.  Cody became a member of the National Association of Farm Broadcasters (NAFB) in 2013.  He has modernized, standardized, and expanded the network into the authoritative farm and ranch broadcast you hear on the air today.  His lifetime of agriculture and broadcast experience makes the Martin Agri-Country Radio Network an excellent decision for up-to-date ag news and commodity reports.  Cody spends his free time farming, hunting, and being a proud father to his two boys, Coehn and Logan.